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Make Android look more like iOS | MiHome Launcher

If you ever wanted to make your android device look more like iOS then check out this video that shows you this awesome launcher made by the MIUI team. It looks very similar to the one that comes with any iDevice. It’s free one the Play Store so why not give it a try! If you have any questions about the video or the app write a comment down below.

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Best WordPress Themes of 2013

WordPress Business Themes 2013

One of the ways of doing business today is having a website for showcasing the products and services of a company; if the company has important information for the existing and prospective customers, the website is also a good medium for giving the information. A good way of creating the website is using the appropriate tool – WordPress blogging software and the right theme through which the content can be displayed. Good themes will make the image of the company to be boosted, as that is usually the first point of contact with a business organization. Therefore, to help you in your company website creation, we have also compiled a list some of the best business WordPress themes 2013.

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