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Download/Install all iPod Games for Free!

All link should be working now.



20 Games Here 1.3

Firmware Files:
5G Firmware
5.5G Firmware

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  • Bjurn

    Yes hello

    I have a question. I can’t download the 5.5g

    what can i do?

    please help me I cam from the Netherlands.

    • Nacho

      the link is working fine, check again.

  • Nacho

    Try right clicking and pressing save as. If you have any problems email me at, i’ll send you another link.

  • Bjurn

    yeah it worked, thanks al lot men!!

  • justen

    which firmware need I for iPod nano (4. Gen)

    • Nacho

      No it doesn’t work on the iPod nano.

  • Nacho

    This does not work with the iPod nano.

  • justen

    why not

  • justen

    And which firmware do i need for iPod Classic

  • henry

    can you please help me?
    I need the firmwarefile v. 1.1.3 of the ipod nano 3 Gen. for ipodwizard.

  • redhead13

    I installed the games and everything but when I try to play them, it says “This game cannot be played. Connect your iPod to iTunes and reinstall the game.”

    My iPod software is version 1.3, and I noticed that other on other websites, the versions for their iPods are 1.2.1 or something of the like. Could this be the problem? If not, do you have any other suggestions?

  • redhead13

    I installed the games and everything and they show up on the list. But when I try to play them, I get an error message. It says “This game cannot be played. Connect your iPod to iTunes and reinstall the game.” This message shows up for every game I downloaded off the website.

    I have software version 1.3 for my iPod. I noticed that other websites like this one have software version 1.2.1 or something of the like. Could it be that the new software protects against the hacked codes? And if not, do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

    Thank you

  • Nacho

    @: Go here, for all the firmwares.

  • Nacho

    You need to put that firmware to make it work, you can’t have the updated 1.3 and have the games working…

  • junkie

    hi , I cant find any “game” folder inside ipodcontrols folder. I have 5.5g 1.3 ipod

  • Nacho

    @junkie: You have to enable the feature to show hidden folders in windows explorer.. I show how to on the video…

  • Keve

    does this work on Ipod nanno?

  • Keve

    Ipod nano Generation 4?

    • Nacho

      No, it does not work for the iPod nano.

      • likeo

        And 3gen?

        • Alex rider

          it does but you have to download firmwire 2.2.3

  • Pieter

    How can you know which generation your iPod is?
    I have an iPod classic 80 gb..

  • Reiner

    I did exactly everything that is explained in video but i have trouble with writing the firmware file to the ipod. When i press the button it says that ipod is used by some other programms i close all the programms (not only consistant with ipod) but it keep saying me the same thing….what should i do?

    • Nacho

      Is your iPod connected with iTunes? Try closing down iTunes, and everything relating to it. But don’t eject your iPod.

      • day day

        Is there anymore games that you have cuz i want more lol thanks

    • day day

      try opening your task mananger and i yhink its the second tab that says processes, look for anything with the words ipod or itunes and end the process, dont worry it will appear again when you open itunes but close everything.

      And dont forget that if it your ipod has the “search” feature then its 5.5g and if not its 5g
      It might not show up so go to settings and look for it

  • Reiner

    yea i did. now it seemed to go smooth but when it started to write firmware it gave an error …code -1,22,13836800

    • day day

      look up at my other reply…. i think itll help

  • Mike

    THank you very much for give us these cool games. One more question, Could U send me some games as a gift on Itune??? Of course the game which u were bought:D. One more time, thank you very much!!!!

    • day day

      You can send gifts? I would like some. How?

      • Nacho

        I didn’t buy any.

        • day day

          how did Mike get them?
          anyone that can gift me?

  • Jonathan

    So it wont work for any ipod nano? even chromatic?

  • Mike

    I have some friends took it from Itune and send to us(members of as a gift but now I don’t know why they stoped send. They MIA

  • Mike

    Nacho, can u creat a topic that introduction to us about how to change the skin and theme of ipod by Hybrid 3.5, I haven’t find that firmware on the net.

    • Nacho

      You want a video tutorial on how to change your iPod theme to Hybrid 3.5?

  • Mike

    The firmware and the Video tutorial is the better:D

  • Livi

    What is the firmware for a iPod Classic 80G 6thG

  • Mike

    These games just for ipod video 55.5G .:D

  • rob

    Why doesn’t this work for nano 3g?
    Do you know if its possible using other software?

    • Alex rider

      the work with nano just downlaod firmwire 2.2.3 .
      cuz these are all ipod click wheel games so if your ipod is 3rd gen. or higher and it has a click wheel it will work

  • Mike

    I don’t know but I read in some forum (ipodwizzard) that These game doesn’t support 3G, just only for 55.5G. In my city, some store sell Ipod, they give us free ipod game that they bought from Itune.

  • Mike

    @Nacho; Have u find the Hybrid hack 3.5 yet?

  • SPYKiD

    Need help… I’ve done everything as instructed but I keep gettin this message whenever I try to write the firmware.

    Error code> -1, 22, 13899776

    I’ve closed all programs related to the Ipod

    I’m not sure if my ipod is a 5 or 5.5
    I was told that if I had the ‘search’ function at the bottom of my ‘music’ menu then it’d be a 5.5, am I right to say that?
    Cuz in that case then, I’ve got no idea why it doesn’t work.

    Some help appreciated. Thanks! 😀

  • JJ

    can u help i’ve got the ipod nano 4G with 8GB id like to play some of these games! so i followed your tips – downloaded the iPodWizard and the firmware ipod for ipod nano 4G from the side postet above … and then uploaded it in ipodWizard
    but i got a warning about it – do you think it could do any harm or
    do you think its going to work???

    please leave a shoert answer thx a lot for helping!

  • Suraj122

    Which Firmware Files should i download for i pod classic 80 GB with video???
    5G Firmware or 5.5G Firmware

  • Sach

    Hey i have ipod classic 120gb, will it work with my ipod, cause i really dont want it to crash or get broken!

    • Nacho

      The new iPod classic is the 6g, so there is no firmware for it. sorry.

  • Ashok

    Can u send me the steps to install the games

    • Nacho

      watch the video maybe?

  • Soccer Legend


    yes i have a problem. i downloaded games and downloaded them as zipped files. i try to convert them using WinZip but it won’t work. i downloaded minigolf and is compatible to my ipod which is ipod nano 4th generation. i tried dragging them to itunes but wont let me. i tried going into file and selected add file to library, i selected the game and pressed ‘ok’ but nothing happened. plz help.


    p.s.: i didn’t download it from this site so should i download it from this site? and i dont have any software besides WinZip that i have tried. so should i download firmware or somethin?

  • Soccer Legend


    i have another problem.when i downloaded the ipod wizard, should it be a zipped file???

    • Nacho

      yes, just extract the files and run the .exe…

  • http://? Michelle

    I cant understand how am i going to download free games for my ipod touch.. what will i do, i already watch your You tube but i cant get any website that will give me free games for my itouch.. please help.. many thanks in advance… reply at my e-mail

  • Michelle

    that’s my website but still i wanna ask how am i going to have free games at my i pod touch.. i have seen your video but i cant make it.. what web can i have the Free games? please help.. tnx in advance

    • Nacho

      IDK, this video is made for the iPod Video! 5G and 5.5G Only. I can’t help you with the iPod Touch.


    Okay, i updated the firm ware and tried a bunch of different looks like the mac, and the ps3, and the sunrise or w/e.. and then i triesd just back to the 5.0 on my ipod.. they have worked b4.. but something happened and the 3 game files went missing.. and i didnt know where to put the games.. so i made a new Games_RO file.. and added the files. But when i turned my ipod on, i found the games.. but then it said “This game cannot be played. Connect your ipod to Itunes and reinstall the game. Idk why it won’t work, but please re[ply to comment or email me =)

    • Nacho

      you have to reinstall the firmware again, to be able to play the games.

  • Alex rider

    yo nacho if i write things to my ipod would i still be able to use itunes to sync things

    • Nacho

      Yeah, no doubt. If it asks you to update the firmware don’t do it. Cause it will change your firmware, thus no being able to play the games. :)

  • Alex rider

    do you know where i can get more games

  • nate

    I was wondering if these programs ever break or crash your iPod? Are they safe? thanks

  • nate

    I did everything you said and I restarted the iPod but the game does not show up on the iPod help please!

  • nate

    Thanks Man I got it to work!!

    could you put more games on like Peggle, or one of the newer games?

  • Terry

    can you get phase for me?

  • Ben

    If I already have a custom firmware, is there anyway you can combine the two firmwares so I still have the custom one and also be able to play the games? If it makes a difference I have the hybrid 3.5 firmware

    • Nacho

      install the game firmware, then install the theme firmware… it should work. I’m running both :)

  • James

    i got everything good except when i click write to ipod it says that it can’t access my ipod its a 5.5g it say that i tunes is up even though nothing is up but wizard

    pleez respond

  • John

    could you please add the game Spore or any of the newer games

  • noonee

    1_how can i downloads games for my ipod touch free i trye to looking in webs but its not work so can u write a web or anythings?

    2_how can i downloads programmes to ipod touch?

    3_how can i make calls in ipod??

    • nate

      this is only for the iPod video NOT THE IPOD TOUCH

  • Jose


  • crazy .nona

    i need web abouht how can u downloads games or movies or programmes to my ipod touch ineed help??

  • miss.noonee

    how can i downloads movies free or games with out money

    • Farhan

      try this site

    • Matt

      Hi you are looking for free movies for your ipod have a look at this web site it has lots of free new and old movies

  • Maxy

    Nacho could you add more games? You only have the old iPod games. There are tons of newer ones which are really fun. Could you please add them?

  • Roberto

    hey please can u add more games those are old ones :( ? thank you :)

  • Ben

    I agree with Maxy, Nate, and Roberto. You need to add more games!!

  • Ben

    I forgot, Spore, Phase, and Peggle look really fun. You should add them!

    • Nacho

      I don’t have them.

      • Nate

        i have spore and phase, is there a way i can copy a version of them and send them to you so you can put them up? other games i have that aren’t on here are ; the sims dj, Asphalt4, Block Breaker Deluxe, Crystal Defenders, and Monopoly

        • Nacho

          Add me on msn:
          or AIM: nachomaster2

          • Killerc

            i realy want spore PLEASE sent me it

  • makarkoo

    can you add “Sonic” please! =)

    • Nacho

      I don’t have it.

    • Evan

      ya I love sonic u have to post it here

  • elvis sutarman

    Thank you, For the games i love it


    • Nacho

      No problem, enjoy.

  • Rain

    it can use for ipod classic 80gb ?????

    • Nacho

      No it doesn’t work on the iPod Classic.

  • Alonzo

    does it work with the new ipod chromatic?? 8GB

    • Nacho


      • HoangHai

        hello nacho, do u have a Yahoo ID, can i have it>.< i have a lot of stuff wanna ask u if u have free time for me , i'm ot good at English sorry for my rude

  • luis

    does it work with iPod nano 4th generation?

  • http://youtube Cvitkom001

    he do these work on custom firmware already

  • miss.noonee

    hii how can i downloads dtunes

  • Angelo

    Hello, for answer, we cannot play the game ” Phase ” by downloading the game in internet. It’s required to buy it from Itunes because it needs a playlist. Even if you have this, you can only play with songs from Itunes store. Yes we can in the Ipod 4g, i have one and tried.

  • X The X wulf X

    So will these games work for my Ipod classic 120gb?

  • Jonjon

    hey nacho thanks a lot you helped me to finish this f*****g puzzle finally i have games in my ipod, thanks. And hey people why dont be so grateful with him???? is better have something than nothing

  • Timi007

    Hey, I love this site and I’ve got one question when you are going to put new games like spore or phase:) I am really grateful for existing games but new ones would be fantastic=)

  • Sandy

    how come in my ipod i don’t have game_ro.

  • Phlo

    these games can be played on ipod nano 4g ?

  • Lukas

    Sorry to be asking but these games work on the iPod Nano (16GB) (new ipod chromatic) is that I did everything on the video and at the end gives me an error “Error writing! Code: -1, 22, 13899776 ”
    Please Help me!
    Thank you!

  • guadalupelike

    why it wont work i got the i pod video

  • john_96

    Could you please put monopoly on your site as a download link. Thank you

  • http://Website Marielys

    i cant download the games, i tried to download texas hold em and this is the page that i see 404 Not Found
    The requested URL /Download/ does not exist. why?

  • Luis

    The games are not linked to any other site, would you fix it? Also the Firm files.


  • Eroz

    How do I know if its 5G or 5.5G?..I have the I-pod nano the one that u can shake to change song!

  • ianh

    Why are the game links not working?

  • Raquiph

    do you know a site where I can get Ipod nano (4th gen)games and firmware?

  • kingofG

    the 5.G firmware is down !!!! PLS UP NEW !

  • http://Website antonio

    when i press the game to download it tells me the page does not exist…HELP!!!!!!!

  • Aljon

    How can I tell which iPod Video I have, 5 or 5.5?

    • Mr Awesome

      5.5 has the search option 5.0 doesn’t

  • tweety bird

    what should i click to show that enable button!!!!
    what is the video ipod? do you mean the ipod touch?

  • irvin

    can this work to ipod classic 120g?

  • Nick

    Will adding the game files and the firmware will I need to reinstall my music and videos? Trying everything out on an 80g. Thanx.

  • jhulks

    does this work on ipod nano??????

  • hh lol

    doas it work on ipod touch 64 gd

  • HoangHai

    hello nacho, do u have a Yahoo ID, can i have it>.< i have a lot of stuff wanna ask u if u have free time for me , i'm ot good at English sorry for my rude. thanx for reading

  • isuru

    hey where can i download free i pod games??? please send the reply to my email.

  • julie

    How about games for iPod touch???

  • ipodmaster

    this website is awful wat if u have a new ipod it is awful and your youtube videos are awful u ned to sort it out dude

    “get a life u weirdo”

  • kartik

    hey i am not able to look for the games on your site please tell me the solution and


    plz plz…

  • beast

    what website is it to download the free games

  • Ruben

    I have the iPod 5.5g and did everything the video say’s but at the end iPodWizard v1.3 says:“Error writing! Code: -1, 22, 13899776 ”

    What did I wrong?

  • kartik

    its the bad website ever seen !!!!!!!!

    nver trust in this site

  • kartik

    ur pathetic!! i mean do u think this is wat we r gonna like??!! i think u have lost your mind and even your site…lol m gonna hack it….hahahaha!!!

  • autin

    where is the link to download the games?

  • ranzel in ph

    the games work for ipod 5generation with ipod nano 3rd generation ?

  • Tabitha Colen

    I really like my ipad tablet pc a lot, its a little awkward to type on however it doesnt matter, the other options more then make up for it.

  • Matt

    Hi can you please tell me what the link it to download the games listed because when i go to the link for the site it only has a list of the games and under it has a link saying read more but no link to download the games

    Thanks please reply to me on my email address if you can or on this site thanks very much

  • Matt

    LOL sorry i forgottoput my email address in the last post i has anyway this is my email address

  • jd

    putang ina mo hindi naman nagana hayop kang putang ina mo!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • mp3 download

    so frustrated! i want to get this downloaded to my iphone so i can show my friend, but i cant find a way.. will anyone tell me how please??

    • http://itunes brenden gilbert

      Just go to itunes but if you do not have itunes 10 download it now and
      then go on itnues store and then you write in the search store and write free games and they sould come up.


    • http://itunes brenden gilbert

      Just go to itunes but if you do not have itunes 10 download it now and
      then go on itnues store and then you write in the search store.

  • khado1988

    hi, look i have a nano 3g 80 gb, i cant install games on it

    • http://itunes brenden gilbert


  • Rabin

    I have an ipod video 120GB. Which firmware should I download for it?

    • http://itunes brenden gilbert

      HOW THE FUCK SOULD I NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://nil bilal malik rahmanzai

    i have ipod 120gb if i download game for then it will crach or slow

  • S.H

    the download link is broken

  • divesh

    how to downlod this

  • dgdfgdfg

    does it work for ipod nano 5th gen

  • http://589773 fasal

    plc send

    • http://itunes brenden gilbert

      FUCK OFF FASAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro

    does it work for ipod nano 5th gen ??

  • Help Please

    How come I can’t find the 20 games. It’s not working can you please fix it?

    • Help Please

      Like when you click on the 20 Games Here its not taking you to the list can you help me asap Thanks!

  • Quentin

    dead link :(

  • what the??

    what the fuck pano to?? dko magets

  • http://nothing zacman

    i cant find the games to download

  • http://sdas Daniel

    i love you

  • Makiavelic

    I can’t install the new Firmware 5,5. Once I hit “Write to Ipod” it says “Error writting firmware code –1, 22, 13836800… I did everything, change in Itunes “To use as Mass Storage”, downloaded the latest version of ipodwizard 1,3…. whats going wrong?

    • sam

      Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      getting frustrated now………… :(


    I can’t install the new Firmware 5,5. Once I hit “Write to Ipod” it says “Error writting firmware code –1, 22, 13836800… I did everything, change in Itunes “To use as Mass Storage”, downloaded the latest version of ipodwizard 1,3…. whats going wrong?


      Me too… I have the same problem…. I’m getting tired :(

  • buck


  • make a free blog

    I wrote a related write-up about this topic but you did a greater position :)

  • Tai

    where the games? How do I download them?

  • Help Please

    Hey it’s me again from like two years ago and I remembered that I wanted help on this and just gave up. Well.. since its up and running i was hoping to download it but I’m still having that same problem trying to find the list so… if you could help me that would be great! xD

    • sally

      Still waiting

      • Nacho

        what list? the games are right there. Just click the link and download the file.

  • ummm :D

    Well its like the list of games… part where I download it from. I got everything else done and just need to find that. In your YouTube video, like from 1:11- 1:17 that list is what I need or do i just click 20 games here and click regular download. I’m sorry,for being a burden, but if you could clarify that it would be great!

    • Nacho

      Yes the list that you see in the video, are the 20 games. It’s the same thing but now you download them all together. Yes, click regular download unless you have a premium account but I doubt it. Take care :)

      • AHHHHH

        Thxs for telling me that, it really helped a lot, however I still need your brilliant help! Once again I have no idea what I did wrong when I clicked write to ipod it says Error writting firmware code something something something. I think it might of had something to do with downloading the firmware, is there a specific way I was suppose to download it? The only things I can open it with are Windows explorer, Internet explorer,Windows media center, itunes, notepad,windows photo viewer, microsoft work spreadsheet/word processor, windows media player, and windows wordpad app. If you could help me actually get the games on my ipod I would be so happy!

  • Ferki

    I’m so happy too that I’ve found this page what helped a lot, but unfortunately, I have the same problem as “AHHHHH” has. I clicked on the Write to iPod button in the iPodWizard and it wrote me an ERROR message and some error codes and I can’t do anything with that, I can’t install the games to my iPod :(.
    Can you help me? Can you solve this problem?

  • Beat

    Big Thanx. I appreciate the time and effort for the free ipod games. all those complainers and whiners can get the sand outta there vagina’s !

  • kunal

    yeah!i got the same problem!

  • Pragnesh

    how to install on ipod nano 4th generation?

  • Ajira99

    I’m trying to work it out to guys … i will tell you all if its working or is there something miss calculation alright! my ipod nano 5th gen and i have ipod video 80gb .. i’m already working on it 24/7

  • sam pukket

    i went on this website and it doesn’t do anything that i want well one thing is that they should make it more simple so people can follow it properly. :)

  • sam pukket


  • Eddie

    Everbody listen click on the 20 games here and download will start.

  • PJ

    I tried to download the 5.5 firmware but rapidshare now charges. Is that file hosted on a free site, also?

  • club penguin cheats

    to the comment poster above, you are absolutely right

  • gina bollinger

    Is it possible to download any games to a 8GH nano ipod? I’ve watched your video but have unsuccessfuly found games after installing Games RO.

  • David

    i will game

  • http://turtle turtle


    • http://turtle turtle


  • jazm

    why the download games always 5 hours to download…

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  • moenaingwinn

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  • moenaingwinn

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    Can download the ipodwizard v.13 mediafire link is

  • moenaingwinn

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  • Tony

    Hi, good work with this, but I have little problem. I manage to upload 5.5 firmware to ipod and to install game (Zuma) (it works great). But the problem is that all my music and videos files are invisible. I can see them in total commander but not on ipod. Then I go to itunes, it ask me to update software to 1.3 (this one is 1.2.1), and after that I can see music and videos, instaled game is there but when I want to play the game it displays error (this game cannot be played. connect your ipod to itunes and reinstall the game).

    Any solution for that??

    Thank you very much in advance


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  • avi smagh

    it is a very good funny game

  • Ryan

    I only posted this comment to say nacho is talking about iPod touch not iPod nano or original

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  • coolkidnavi

    I want to where i can get games for ipod nano how to instal to my ipod

    • Hesam

      game iPad

      • Hesam


    • Hafsah

      download free app’s from app store and install using itunes..

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  • Marilou

    i have problems when downloading my games to ipodwizard after you click the write to ipod it says “Unable to access ipod! Make sure programs who use the ipod like itunes are closed…what should i do here…please help me..thanks…reply as soon as possible thanks again.

  • jxon

    Hey! can someone reupload the games from this video, the games are only for? iPod Video 5g n 5.5g with firmware 1.2.1, so please reupload to mediafire or putlocker, the last link alive was for megaupload forsake

  • Susanne

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